10 Reasons Why Bamboo Sheets Make The Best Bedding Product!

best bedding productMost people would probably be taken aback by the idea of using bamboo on bed sheets and pillows. Technically, bamboos are not as soft as cotton. These evergreen plants have solid yet limber stems. So how do they make sheets out of them? We dive in on why bamboo sheets make the best bedding product for your sleep within blog post.

Bamboo textiles have long been existing particularly in Japan and China where thin strips of bamboo were woven together to form textiles which are initially used for shoes and hats. To create softer fabrics, bamboo fibers are used to make clothes and yarns. This paved way to a wider application of bamboo fabrics, one of which is the bamboo sheet.

Bamboo sheets are soft yet durable bed linens. As a raw material for textiles, bamboo has several advantages over cotton. Bed sheets made from bamboo are ideal for all seasons, especially during summer months. Here are 10 reasons why bamboo sheets make the best bedding product and why you should try them now:

1. Breathable Material
During hot summer nights, getting to sleep is a dilemma for many people even with the A/C or fan on. This is probable problem to those who are using the wrong bed sheets. There are sticky bed sheets that cling to the skin during warmer nights, which can be bothering at times.

You should consider changing your usual bed sheets with bamboo sheets. That is, if you want a cooler and more comfortable bed to ease you from the scorching heat of summer nights. The bamboo fiber used in bamboo sheet is breathable which is exactly what our skin needs at nights of hot season. It allows air to the skin and permits sweat to evaporate from the skin. This property allows our skin to breathe thus preventing the fabric from sticking onto it.

2. Thermoregulating Property
Bamboo sheets are not only good for use during hot summer nights. These sheets are the most versatile among bed sheets because they can adapt to any season. During winter seasons, bamboo sheets help keep you warm by regulating your body’s temperature. This property of bamboo sheets has the ability to absorb and draw off humidity between the sheet which helps keep you cool down during summer nights and keep you warm during cold nights. Whatever the season may be, bamboo sheets will drift you off into a deep, calming sleep.

3. Hypoallergenic
If you have sensitive skin, you should really consider bamboo bed sheets. The breathable and thermoregulating properties of bamboo sheets make it more comfortable and more pleasant on sensitive skin. Because healthy bamboos are naturally resistant to pests, they are grown without the use of pesticides. They are considered as the safest raw material for textiles. While bamboo sheets allow the skin to breathe and regulate our body’s temperature, they also provide a sort of protection by acting as a barrier between dust, dirt, mold, and mildew. This property can come in handy to those people with asthma because dust is the biggest trigger of an asthma attack. People with skin issues and respiratory problems can greatly benefit from the hypoallergenic property of bamboo sheets.

4. Antibacterial
Bamboo belongs to the few plants that don’t have many pests. Healthy bamboos manifest little to no pests at all. This is due to the resistance of bamboos to germs and other harmful bacteria. Bed sheets made from bamboo have the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and stops the development of fungus, yeast and mold. This amazing antibacterial property helps eliminate foul odors and yellowing of fabric. With bamboo sheets, you’ll get the benefit of a germ-free and worry-free sleep.

5. Bed Bugs Prevention
There is nothing more annoying than being bothered by bed bugs at night. And as you might already know, bed bugs thrive on warm and enclosed environment. During warmer seasons, the bed becomes a perfect haven for these pesky pests. If you want to drive bed bugs away, use bamboo sheets that can cool down your bed and repel pests such as bed bugs.

6. Soft and Supple
The stem of a bamboo plant is dense and hard. But when extracted into cellulose fiber, it becomes silky and soft to the touch. Bamboo sheets are lightweight fabrics which actually feel more pleasant to the skin than cotton sheets. Regardless of the number of times you wash the bamboo sheets, they will remain soft and light throughout their life.

7. Durable
Bamboo plants are naturally tough and flexible allowing them to survive even the harshest storms. These properties remain in the bamboo fabric even after the manufacturing process. Bamboo sheets last longer than sheets made from other raw materials.

8. Affordable
With myriad of its amazing benefits, you’ll be surprised to know how much bamboo sheets are worth. They are actually the most affordable bed linen products available on the market. Next time you buy a bed sheet, don’t waste your money on luxury cotton sheets that won’t last as bamboo sheets do. Buying bamboo sheets is a great value for your money as you’ll get to use it for a longer period of time without having to wash it as often as you usually do with your discolored and smelly cotton sheets.

9. Wide Range of Designs
Some people choose design over comfort while some choose the other way around. Be it design or comfort that you’re after, you can never go wrong with bamboo sheets. You can choose from a wide range of different designs to match any interior. From cool to bright designs, you can have as many bamboo sheet designs as you like to compliment the seasons and your taste.

10. Eco-friendly
Being grown without the use of eco-harmful chemicals and pesticides, the unspoiled raw materials used in bamboo sheets are guaranteed to be 100% environment-friendly Furthermore, harvesting the plant won’t harm the environment because the root is left unharmed after the stalk has been cut. This allows the plant to grown again quickly to provide more bamboo stalks for the production of more bamboo textiles. With bamboo sheets, you get to ease yourself away into a comfortable and relaxing sleep knowing that you’ve contributed something valuable to our planet by using sustainable sources and environment-friendly materials.

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