3 Things to Consider When Buying Bamboo Sheets Online

requirements for before buying bamboo productsHave you thought of buying bamboo sheets online, especially expensive ones? If so, here we’ll discuss three specific requirements for making sure everything works perfectly and smooth with your purchase. We always make sure that the items we use at home are the best especially in terms of quality, and one of the major things we use is mattresses. These mattresses also have different kinds, in terms of the raw material it was made from, and one of the usual types that is generally found in homes is bamboo sheets.

Basically, bamboo sheets are fabrics made from processed bamboo fibers. Just like other types of mattresses, it also gives us comfort we need and we expect from these. However, the idea that we have these at home is an easy thought. The challenging part here is the question of “what are the things to consider when buying bamboo sheets online?”

Shopping and buying online nowadays are rampant, and that is an easy thought too. So just like the idea of having mattresses at home, which is the easier part, buying the best bamboo sheets online is also challenging. We need to make sure that we have the right ones for us.
The following are three things to consider when buying bamboo sheets online:

1. Material
The most important factor to consider in looking for the best-quality bamboo sheets is its material. Currently, there are four major types of bamboo fabric that you can find in the market.

• The first one is bamboo rayon. This type is the first generation class of cellulosic fibers. However, if you choose this type, it is advised that you consider the manufacturer’s strict treatment protocols because the deal here is about the disposal of chemical wastes from processed bamboo rayon fibers. So make sure to check with the manufacturer first.

lyocell bamboo• Next is bamboo lyocell. Bamboo lyocell is more soft and strong than rayon. This type is friendly to the environment as the process for this is not harmful when it comes to chemical wastes. Aside from that, water usage when processing this type is maintained at its minimum.

• The third type is bamboo fibers blended with cotton. Usually, the common blend for this is 60% or 70% bamboo rayon and 40% or 30% cotton, respectively. Since cotton is already involved here, this type gives you a little stronger fabric than the ones made with pure bamboo. However, a high risk of environmental harm is the concern here.

• Last but not least is bamboo linen. This type is processed the same as what is usual with linen made from hemp and flax. However, this type is not as ideal as the other three types mentioned above because its finished product is not really soft and easily wrinkles.

So basically you need to take note of what are mentioned above for you to assess what material suits your own comfort. After all, the key to finding and buying bamboo sheets online (best ones!) is to go back to the very basic, which is its material.

2. Weave
Weave in bamboo sheets basically is the appearance of the fabric, and there are two kinds of how these sheets are woven.
• The first kind is sateen. Sateen is patterned as one yarn under and three yarns over. This design gives you a smooth and glossy thread with a texture that is thick and close. Its finished product is very soft like silk and even softer than the other kind, which is twill. Aside from its softness, it is also cheaper than silk. However, taking real good care of this kind is more important to maintain a longer lifespan.

• The other kind is twill. This kind is known for its diagonal pattern just like what you see on a regular pair of jeans. It gives you a very fine, tight, and short finished product. Although this kind is not that soft like sateen, it is however more soft than purely cotton and bamboo blended with cotton fabrics.

Now, considering that you know what material and weave suit you, are you now picturing yourself lying in bed with bamboo sheets? If so, then that’s great! You need to work your imagination out this time and picture out how you and your family would be if you have the best bamboo sheets in your home. If not, then the more you need to continue reading because this may help you in a way.

3. Retailer’s return policy
Although you see a lot of advertisements online from trusted retailers about bamboo sheets, it is always important to consider if the retailer you are purchasing bamboo sheets from has a return policy. Unlike when you visit a physical store where you can feel and touch the fabric before buying it, buying online is the total opposite. Although you can see the bamboo sheets too, pictures online alone cannot totally convince you of “assured” product quality. So it is always ideal to see the physical item before buying it.

The good thing about a return policy is that you feel secured that in case your choice, based on what you see online, is not really what you expected when you have it physically, you always have the option of returning the item to the retailer without wasting your money. A return policy may vary depending on the retailer’s terms and conditions, so be sure to also read and understand their policy before clicking that buy button.

So are you now ready to search the net? With these tips that you have in mind now, you can simply narrow down your searches online. The first thing you need to do is know the websites/companies online that have the return policy, if you don’t know yet. Once you have the potential sites, then take time to explore each, and learn their terms and conditions first before exploring their items.

Once you understand their policy, then you start choosing the best options for you. So at this point, you are surely narrowing down to what is right for you. Then once you have the list for possibly buying bamboo sheets online asap, you’re at the most critical point in buying – your final choice. If you have decided what bamboo sheets are for you, then go ahead and click that buy button, you are now on your way to achieving that fabric comfort you deserve.

Happy bidding!

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