Welcome to BestBambooSheets! My name is Harry Smith and I am owner and founder of BestBambooSheets.Guru, a blog solely dedicated to providing the very best advice on bamboo sheets, and advice on ideal bedding products for our homes here in the USA. I started this website since we offer bedding products on multiple online platforms to both wholesalers and retailers alike thanks to our massive, bulk imports from China.

This custom blog was started mainly with the purpose of advising our US community on the best bamboo products. Ironically, most types of fabrics; including and limited to, Silk, Cotton, Egyptian and Bamboo products for home use and related decorative made from these fabrics. Each blog post created is created and edited with the purpose of answering issues concerning bamboo specific products, comparisons between products or related products, along with general advice on what to do look for when intending to spend $100’s in bamboo products online, specifically, bamboo sheets.

As a clear choice from my end as a business owner and multiple bamboo product owner myself, it’s my sole purpose to clear some (if not all!) the misconceptions with bamboo related products and our specifics, the purchase of bamboo sheets online. You will read ideas, experiences and my expertise as an e-commerce product re-seller on this fantastic bedding product that most of us love on a weekly basis. Each blog aimed to clear an edifying point that many hold in their gut can’t find answers prior to spending $100’s on fake products online and true bamboo bedding items like true bamboo sheets.

Without further ado, BestBambooSheets.Guru created for the bedding lover of bamboo products or the soon to become, bamboo sheets owner!