Why Bamboo Pillows Make an Excellent Sleep Product?

bamboo pillowsHave you ever heard about bamboo pillows? If not, then you’re missing out. Bamboo pillow are among the best thing that you can add to your bedding collection.

Most of us deem bamboo as plant material mainly used in making furniture, not to mention also as panda’s favorite food. But there’s more to it than those things. Since the early times, woven textiles made from thin strips of bamboo have been produced in Asian countries such as China and Japan. Today, bamboo fibers are being used to form softer fabrics for fashion applications. The benefits of bamboo textile have extended not only on clothing but also to bed linen products. Bed sheets, pillows, and mattresses made from bamboo fiber are now proving to be great alternatives to the traditional cotton beddings.

A bamboo pillow has an outer shell made from bamboo viscose and stuffed with shredded memory foam to provide custom support and enhanced comfort. The bamboo viscose is durable and soft while the shredded foam is designed to comfortably support your neck as you sleep.

Bamboo pillows offer several advantages over other pillows made from cotton or other blends of fabrics. And here are some of the reasons why bamboo pillows make an excellent sleep product:

1. Hypoallergenic
Bamboo pillows are made from bamboo pulps which are cultivated without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. The pulping and weaving process of bamboo textiles are carried out without any chemical additives. Bamboo fabrics are considered to be the safest and most ideal fabric for people with sensitive skin. If you have a baby, don’t settle for anything less. Choose a bamboo pillow that can guarantee a pristine pillow for your delicate baby. Aside from its chemical-free property, bamboo pillows also provide a barricade against dust, mold and mildew that can trigger respiratory problems such as an asthma attack.

2. Breathable
Have you ever felt tired and worn out every time you wake up? This shouldn’t be the case because you’re supposed to have rested well after a night sleep. This actually happens to a lot of people. And the reason behind it is irregular breathing. Breathing can affect the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, most pillows made from traditional fabrics lack the breathing property that allows proper circulation of air during sleep. Bamboo fiber makes breathable fabrics that let us breathe well regardless of our sleeping positions.

3. Antimicrobial
Bamboo plants are rarely infested by pests or diseases. This is because bamboos are resistant to germs and bacteria. Its antimicrobial property can stop bacteria and fungus from growing, as well as it can repel pests such as the dreadful bed bugs that may dwell in your bed. Having a peaceful mind without having to worry about bacteria or bed bugs invading your bed can drift you off into a more relaxing good night sleep.

Pillows with unpleasant smell and discolorations are indications of bacterial presence. This usually occurs on most traditional pillows and they need to be washed regularly to make sure they’re clean. With bamboo pillows, you won’t need to worry about frequent washing because their antibacterial power helps keep your pillow smelling fresh and clean for longer periods of time.

4. Temperature adjustment
Bamboo fabrics are suitable for all seasons because it can adapt to the current temperature. Bamboo pillows have the ability to regulate your body’s temperature that keep you cool down during hot summer nights and can keep you warm during cold winter seasons. How versatile is that!

5. Absorption
Bamboo fibers are permeable materials that can effectively absorb moisture and sweat while you sleep. It won’t leave your pillow wet after absorption because moisture and sweat won’t accumulate the fabric, providing you a dry and comfortable sleep.

6. Unique design
Bamboo pillows are especially designed to bring comfort and support to your neck and upper back by incorporating a unique wave design that aligns your neck and conforms to your shape. The wave design relieves pressure on the neck which in return helps us avoid neck pain and achieve a better quality of sleep. Additionally, bamboo pillows promote good position of the neck and head to allow proper blood circulation particularly to the brain and shoulders. When overall health is concerned, no other pillows can give you the health benefits that bamboo pillows can give.

Reminder: not all products are the same
Due to its amazing benefits, more and more people wants to try it and countless brands of bamboo pillows have emerged from the market. In order to reap the healthy benefits of bamboo pillows, you need to make sure you’re getting a high quality product. Choose a pillow with a cover made from 100% bamboo and filled with shredded memory foam with 100% rayon. In choosing a good bamboo pillow, live by the rule: if not 100% bamboo, it’s no good.

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