The Difference Between Cotton Sheets vs Bamboo Sheets

cotton sheets vs bamboo sheetsCotton sheets vs bamboo sheets, who actually wins? You will get to answer this one here! However, first, classifications as a primer.

Bedding products are classified according to the type of material they are made from. For many years, cotton sheets have been the most commonly used bed sheet and have been deemed as the standard bed sheet. However, a different type of bed sheet material has been making waves on the market recently. You’ve probably heard about bamboo sheet and how people are craving to add this unique product to their bedding collection.

While some people are turning towards bamboo sheets, there are still those who prefer to stick with the regular cotton sheets. And the battle for bedding supremacy has now begun.

When it comes to bed sheets, the most important aspects that we usually look into are comfort and durability. Let’s take a closer look at what cotton sheets and bamboo sheets have to offer.

Cotton sheets come in different types. One of the most popular of these types is the sheet made from 100% Egyptian cotton which is also considered as the cotton sheet of highest quality. Cotton sheets that are not 100% cotton are called cotton blends and they are made from cotton and other synthetic materials. Cotton blends include jersey knit, flannel, percale, satin, and sateen sheets.

On the other hand, bamboo sheets come in 3 types: bamboo rayon, bamboo lyocell, and bamboo linen. Most bamboo sheets on the market are made from bamboo rayon. Generally, all types of bamboo sheets are made from bamboo plants which are then converted into bamboo viscose which starts from the process of shaving down the bamboo into soft fiber and then converting the fiber into pulp to create soft fabrics.

Source Materials
Cotton plant is susceptible to harmful insect pests; this is why cotton growers need to use pesticides to get rid of destructive pests. With that being said, cotton may not be that friendly towards the environment. Although the manufacturing process of cotton sheets involves cleaning treatment of raw materials, the potential risk of the presence of hazardous chemicals in the finished product is still possible.

This is where bamboo sheet has run miles ahead of its cotton counterpart. Unlike cotton plant, bamboo plants have the natural ability to repel pests. Therefore, bamboo plants can grow without the aid of chemical pesticides which makes them more environment-friendly than the pesticide-dependent cotton crop. The manufacturing process of bamboo sheets only makes use of minimal non-toxic chemicals.

You can get the best benefits of cotton sheets from 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets are the most luxurious among all types of cotton sheets. This particular type of cotton can create breathable fabric and its long fibers can yield softer and more durable fabrics. The same can’t be said to cotton blends sheets. Jersey knit, flannel, percale, and satin sheets lack the breathability property making them not suitable for hot summer nights.

Generally, cotton sheet is recognized for its luxurious softness and durability. Unlike bamboo plants, cotton plants are naturally soft to the touch. Sheets made from 100% cotton have the property of absorbing sweat and moisture from the body. However, cotton blends lack the absorbing ability and they tend to cling on the skin during summer nights.

As long as advantages and benefits are concerned, bamboo sheets seem to grab a decisive win on this battle. Cotton sheets are soft and durable, we’ll give them that. But other than that, they don’t have any specific health benefits. On the contrary, bamboo sheets have myriad of health benefits and advantages. Not to forget that bamboo sheets are also as soft and durable as luxury cotton sheets.

The antibacterial and antimicrobial property of the bamboo plant is retained on the fabrics even after the manufacturing process. Bamboo sheets can stop the growth of bacteria, fungus, molds, and mildew so you can enjoy a germ-free sleep. You also don’t have to worry about bed bugs infestation because bamboos have the property to repel insects and pests.

Bamboo fibers create breathable fabrics that allow air to permeate. Bamboo sheets have a unique thermoregulating property that adjusts the body’s temperature. They keep your warm during winter seasons and keep you cool down during hot summer nights. With bamboo sheets, you get to enjoy a comfortable sleep all year round.

While fabrics made from bamboo fibers efficiently absorb sweat and moisture from the body, they do not accumulate on the fabric so the sheets stay dry throughout the night.

Washing and maintenance should also be taken into consideration in choosing the type of bed sheet. Depending on the type of cotton sheets you’re using, caring for cotton sheets vary according to the type of sheet. Since cotton sheets don’t have antibacterial property, you need to wash them more frequently than bamboo sheets. Cotton sheets, just like any other cotton textiles, should be handled and washed with care. Don’t let it stay too long in the dryer to avoid wrinkling.

Unlike cotton sheets, bamboo sheets need not to be washed as frequently as cotton sheets because they inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep dusts away that may cause unpleasant odor and discolorations on the fabric. Washing bamboo sheets should be done gently using cold or warm water. Just like cotton sheets, leaving them in the dryer for too long may cause wrinkling.

What other benefits of cotton sheets vs bamboo sheets have you found that’s ideal to mention?

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