Bamboo Sheets vs Linen Sheets vs Cotton Sheets: Who Wins?

Have you considered the place where you spend almost a third of your life? Imagine what comes to your mind by the mere mention of bed. Bedsheets, right? Because there could nothing else that comes between your skin and your bed when you sleep. The kind of bed sheets you have in your bed matters a lot as it determines the quality of rest you can have.

The choice of the kind of sheets does not come easy as tons of sheets are available for you to choose which is the right sheets that suit your needs.

This is even made more difficult as no two products are the same no matter what the manufacturer claims it to be. This is especially true when buying bed sheets for your bed and other bedroom accessories which were previously made of either linen or cotton. The presence of bamboo sheets in the market makes buying even more complicated what to choose from an array of bamboo sheets, linen sheets, and cotton sheets.

First, you need to be sure what you actually are looking for? Do you need sheets which are hypoallergenic and free of toxins? Or you want the sheets which are more comfy and extremely light on your skin while you sleep?

The answers to these questions will lead you to choose between bamboo sheets or linen sheets. Then add cotton sheets from the choices can make things harder for you to decide. This could be very confusing at times. And you might end up frustrated when you buy the wrong choice of sheets.

To guide you in making the right choice, we come up with the list to help you. Here are the four factors you have to consider the next time you buy the sheets.

  1. Healthy Options

All bed sheets have one thing in common: the promise of comfort. Take bamboo sheets, for example. Sheets made out of bamboo could so soft and, well, extraordinarily light. Putting it on your bed is a delight to experience. While linen sheets, on the other hand, are not easy to ignore. The sheets made from linen are worth noticing: they may be heavy but you can easily breathe in it and can keep you warm during winter, yet cool in summer. Cotton sheets are no leftover, either.

Comparing what to buy – bamboo, linen, or cotton – is challenging when you think how these sheets can give the comfort you need. But that is only skin deep. The more important factor you have to seriously consider is the health.

Bamboo sheets, with all of the promises of being organic, have one drawback: they are heavy with chemicals. You cannot produce bamboo sheets without the help of chemicals to extract the soft tissues from raw bamboo. The US Federal Trade Commission had ruled in 2010 that bamboo sheets as a label are a misnomer: it can’t be called bamboo.

With this consideration in mind, linen is at the top. When you look for really organic sheets, linen is way beyond its counterpart.

You may be tempted to think that cotton sheets are organic. To some extent, yes, because raw cotton is organic. But it does not follow that cotton sheets are organic, too. Their being “organic” is practically lost in the process where chemicals and dyes are involved.

The same thing can be said about bamboo. In fact, in 2010 the US Federal Trade Commission had ruled that bamboo sheets as a label are a misnomer.

  1. Consider What You Want To Smell

Perspiration is a bane to sleep. It is a source of discomfort when you perspire during sleep. Linen sheets are more likely to trap more heat and moisture. Washing them, therefore, will be done more often as linen sheets can easily develop the smell that you don’t like while sleeping.

The situation is different for bamboo sheets. For the same number of threads, the threads made of rayon are thinner and lighter. This makes linen and cotton at the bottom of the list because bamboo sheets are a sure winner.

  1. Durability Is Another Factor

Good sheets can even last a lifetime if you want to save on these items. It may cost you more but it is worth your money.

And linen sheets and cotton are known for their staying power. They are there to stay with you, unlike bamboo. Although the price is higher to find comfort in bed goes beyond the consideration of money. Comfort is priceless.

Linen sheets are a sure winner when durability is one factor to consider. They may get softer as they get older but they will surely endure the passing of time.

Bamboo sheets pale in comparison in terms of durability. They don’t stay longer you might want them to them. You have to replace them after a year of use.

  1. Softness Is An Issue

Bamboo sheets could be very soft and supple. They are heaven in your bed. Softness if often spelled as B-A-M-B-O-O S-H-E-E-T-S. The rayon threads, however, are known to be generators of electricity, which could prove to be irritating to your skin.  If you don’t like the satin sheets on your skin, then bamboo sheets are not for you.

The linen sheets, however, may develop the softness you look for. Linen can get softer as it gets older, the kind of softness that is hard to be equaled by the other materials.

Don’t be fooled by the softness it claims. Be strategic in your thinking when considering buying bamboo sheets or linen sheets.

So! Bamboo Sheets vs Linen Sheets vs Cotton Sheets! It All Boils Down To Thread Count

Also, consider the issue of thread count. It is assumed that the higher the number of threads in every square inch is better. It is not the case, however.

Silkier bed sheets have a lower number of threads that those with higher thread count. The sheer softness is a sheer delight to your skin

There is no single product, however, that can give you all that you look for. All you need is a careful consideration of the different factor before making your choice. That’s why it is a challenge when buying for you bed sheets need. It is always a process of trading off one factor in favor for the other.

Which type of fabric do you like the most? Linen sheets, bamboo or cotton? It’ll be great if you can share with us why, bamboo are just in another level by my own personal thoughts here.

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