9 Techniques that Improve your Bamboo Sheets’ Lifespan

bamboo sheetsBamboo sheets have proven health benefits, so you surely want to extend this blissful advantage. Well, this is for two reasons:  first, bamboo beddings are quite cozy to sleep on. Next,  you can save yourself a great deal of money from buying a new one if you follow some common sense advice, and some DIY unlikely to see advice online – be it as simplistic as they may seem.  Nevertheless, it is always good to know that what you buy lasts more than its monetary. With that in mind, here how to improve the bamboo sheets lifespan in a condensed way.

Before going into the details. As an added fact, know that you don’t need tricky life hacks or a complicated process. Being mindful and sensitive to the do’s and don’ts when washing, using, and storing your favorite sheets is a starting way to long lasting sheets. Let these amazing techniques save you from all the trouble of faulty bed sheet care:

  1. Wash the sheets in cold water

Well, washing it in lukewarm water is not like you are going to ruin it right away. Still, cold water is best because it will not cause pilling of the bamboo fiber like what can happen if you continuously wash it with hot water.

However, if your sheet looks like it had been soiled for ages, you can use hot water on washing it. But I will advise that next time, try not to overuse one sheet so it will not end up really dirty.

But if you are thinking of the antiseptic quality of hot water, you have to remember that bamboo beddings are already anti-microbial. It has some sort of built-in cleaning feature, so don’t fret, and I suggest that you calm your obsessive compulsive self.

  1. Toss the harsh materials out of the washing

The common mistakes sheet owners commit is using intrusive chemicals like bleach and vinegar on their bamboo bedding. These chemicals can damage the fiber integrity and eventually make it brittle.

It might also give a stiff touch on your bamboo fabric if you happen to use one and can greatly affect the overall texture. Still, you can use gentle washing agents to remove the dirt on your sheets.

Also, it will be best to avoid using fabric softeners just to add more softness on your bedding. Bamboo fibers already have natural softness and using artificial softeners can hit the threads.

  1. Use a lingerie bag when washing

Machine washing might be threatening to the threads of the bamboo sheets so using a lingerie bag when washing will cushion the cycles inside the appliance. If you found a snag on your blanket, it is better not to cut it and just remove it gently from the weave. But if you think it will cause greater damage on the cloth, it is better to leave it and let it naturally get loose.

Just put the bamboo blanket inside and toss it in a low setting on your washing machine. Do not forget the low setting; it is critical in maintaining your sheet.

  1. Do not wash it with other blankets, towels, or pillowcases

Bamboo sheets have a special finish and mixing it in the machine or washing tub with other pieces of garments can cause damages. Some towels and pillowcases can produce too much lint that can stick on the bedding. Once it sticks on the fibers, lint can cause friction that will eventually become the culprit for tearing.

Also, if you have colored garments that do not fade, I think it is still best not to mix it while washing. There are still chemicals that can mix in the water and be absorbed by the bamboo fibers. This sheet is quite absorbent so removing color stains can be quite a hassle.  The stains can sometimes be quite impossible to totally remove.

  1. Remove stains using chlorine-free substances

I cannot discount the possibility that you can spill coffee while you have a hearty breakfast in bed or if you unintentionally smeared it with colored skin cream. Using stain removers that are non-chlorine will make the stains less guilty on your part. You can actually use vinegar but only in a limited amount of 1 tablespoon is to 4 parts of water. However, I am discouraging you from doing this.

If you are quite skeptic on doing that, especially if your wife or husband brought the sheet for you as a gift, then you can try the mixture on a small part of the bed sheet. You can try the less conspicuous corner and see if any discoloration will happen. If none, then you can proceed on dubbing the mixture on the stain.

Still, I would prefer to use baking soda instead if you are removing stains. Same drill and you’ll find out what works best on your type of sheet. Surely helps extend your regular sheets and your bamboo sheets lifespan as well.

  1. Remove wrinkles using steam iron sparingly

As much as you want your bamboo sheets to look neat, I hardly recommend you to iron it even using the steam. Too much heat can stress the fibers and can cause pilling and tearing. Well, if you really need your sheets looking good, like you are having a visitor or an extensive ocular inspection courtesy of your in-laws, then you can give it a go.

However, do it sparingly. Avoid it as much as possible because too much ironing can turn your bamboo bedding color into a yellowish shade like it was burned a bit. This will be impossible to remove even how many times you wash it.

  1. Remember: “less is more”

This idea goes through everything that involves your sheets. First, less usage will surely lengthen the lifespan of the bamboo bedding. You can use your other sheets while you take a sort of rotation to your bamboo blanket. Just don’t use one sheet every day.

Also, it also means less heat during washing as well as less friction, less harsh chemicals, less machine wash and so on. Just keep everything to a minimum and your sheets will do great.

  1. Dry it on the clothesline

You might not have the space for a clothesline, but I’m telling you right now that it is the best way to dry your bamboo sheets if you want it to last. This will lessen the mechanical heat applied on your sheets as well as forcible washing cycles.

I would suggest that you hang it away from direct sunlight. You can hang it under the shade of a tree or somewhere else that has a defense against too much heat. This way, the wind can dry it naturally while controlling too much heat from the sun.

  1. Mind the place where you store the sheets

Bamboo beddings are absorbent so I advise that you store it in places that are not prone to weathering like wooden cabinets. The moist that may come from this cabinet can seep through the fibers of the bedding and affect its quality.

Also, you should mind the temperature of the cupboard where you are going to stack it. It will help if you will not place it near a vent or air conditioner.

Maintaining bamboo sheets might become demanding at times, but doing some precautions will always give priceless benefits. With all the advantages your bamboo bedding gives you, I think your bed buddy deserves a little bit of care once in a while.

Remember, a new blanket can feel better but the old ones may feel even as the best!

Have you tried some techniques to extend your bamboo sheets lifespan? Tell us some!

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